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About Juliette
I ​​am My Greatest Masterpiece!
 My journey in life has taken me down many different paths; I have lived the life of an abused and neglected child, a broken& confused young adult, a promising academic, a gifted writer and artist, a mother, and now a therapist and speaker. I was born into a life of poverty and violence, a life that very few I knew then have escaped, and all of the odds were stacked against me ever making it out. Yet I am no longer anywhere close to there.

Beating those odds and finding a way to create a life that I find meaningful and full of happiness is the reason I have chosen to dedicate my professional life to helping others find their own paths out of darkness.  Along this journey I have learned that the things it took for me to escape  are not special gifts or talents that belong to me and not the ones who did not find their way out.  It was not a super-power, or intelligence, or special goodness that led me along this journey; the most basic ingredients I can see were a drive to survive and a belief that change was possible.

Change is a tricky thing for most of us; we often daydream about it as if it happens like the turning of a page.  We switch from this to that.  I’ve found, though, that change is ever-changeable.  

Sometimes it is like a switch; I decide to be a punctual person and I am.  

Sometimes, though, it is like the tide of the ocean and each wave of small difference slides you against the sand as a slightly different version of yourself until one day you realize you have metamorphosed from the jagged piece of clear soda bottle into the smoothly frosted sea glass worthy of display.

It is the drive to survive, to persist, to succeed that I found gave me the strength to hold on through all of the switches and waves of my transformations but it was only my unfailing belief in the possibility of change that gave me the strength to hold on to that drive.

Because I know the success of my own path, because I beat odds I was told I could not overcome, and because I have found a way to create a life that I want to live and love to live, I know that everyone else has that same potential.  In trying to understand how I was able to do something that seemed impossible I found many answers in positive psychology.  These truths were much of the basis for my path out of the darkness, though I did not know them as such, and I am very excited to share the wisdom I gained on my journey and through my education.

Each of us has our own versions of darkness to struggle against in our journey and each of us has the potential to choose to become the hero that fights through into the light.  I invite you to choose to become the hero of your life and to use your own gifts and potentials to create the story that you really want to be living!

I would love to walk beside you as you work to create your story.  Please call or email me to schedule a therapy consultation or appointment.

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